Happy Customers

Mrs Neha 

“First pregnancy abortion at six months came to us in second pregnancy with leaking at 20 weeks . She was treated and delivered a 2.8 kg full term boy lakshya  “

Mrs Neelam

“Had both ovarian endometriotic cysts . She underwent test tube baby ivf and delivered full term one boy and a girl , twins”

Mrs Sudha Ranjan

“From khandwa had four abortions . Got treated in fifth pregnancy and delivered a full term 3.4 kg boy”

Mrs Asha

“Pregnancy with severe hypertension with previous abortions . Hypertension due to renal cause  under tmt of nephrologist . Delivered full term baby 2.9 kg with good maternal condition”

Mrs Nirmala

“Test tube baby done . Had twins with one boy and one girl”

Mrs Sarita

“Admitted in icu with seven months pregnancy and pulmonary embolism . Patient remained in ventillator . Both mother and baby survived. Full term 3 kg male baby”