Laparoscopic hysterectomies are associated with minimum blood loss, shorter hospital stays, a speedier return to normal activities, fewer abdominal wall infections compared to open surgery. Also, a big scar which is so painful and troublesome in abdominal hysterectomy is absent. Nowadays it is being done through a keyhole, a small half centimeter incision which doesn’t require suturing ever. They heal automatically. As vaginal length is maintained and there is no problem in post-surgical sexual life. However, it requires expertise and proper training of the surgeon.
With this procedure, it is easy for the patients to manage herself during the postoperative period.Usually, she can have liquid diet within six hours and move around after 8-10 hours.Also, she can be discharged in the next day in most cases.
It should not be done in a smaller set up with the compromised situation.It requires good equipment and a skilled surgeon.
Our expertise leads to:
1.Fast recovery
2.Early feeding and ambulation.
3.Normal sexual relation after completion of surgical healing
4. No hernia, no scar, no pain, no infection
5.No fear, peace of mind
6.Value for money